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1.2.5 (Build 520)
  • New: CMS signature support. This should help notarizing a distribution/flat package.
  • New: Dark Mode support first attempt.
  • Enh: Use labeled colors in UI whenever possible.
  • Enh: The contents of the menu of the popup button of the Presentation > Installation step closely matches the order of languages in the License step of (This could also be seen as a regression rdar://45713825 )
  • Enh: Switching the selected language through the popup button of the Presentation > Installation step switches the localization of the right part of the "window".
  • Fix: Fix some native language names.
  • Fix: The Introduction and ReadMe documents should have been rendered in Black & White on macOS Mojave in the Presentation tab to match what does.
  • Fix: The list of documents for the Introduction, ReadMe, License and Summary panes was not sorted when needed.
  • Fix: The ReadMe and License text views were not resized appropriately in the Presentation tab.
  • Fix: Drag and dropping a document in the list of localized licenses could create a broken English entry if all supported localizations were already in the list.
  • Fix: The owner and group of symbolic links were not automatically set appropriately.
  • Fix: The domains XML entity could be added in cases it should not be.
  • Fix: A choice could disappear when performing multiple grouping in the Presentation > Installation Type step.
  • Fix: Duplicating a package within a distribution project would not work correctly if the payload pane has not been visited at least once. Many thanks to the user who reported this bug and the one above.
  • Fix: The background of some group views would not be rendered correctly when the window was resized.
  • Fix: Fix a crash that could occur when closing the "Must Close Applications" editor.
    macOS Mojave: Because of bugs still there in macOS 10.14.2, switching between Light and Dark Modes in the Presentation pane is not enabled at this time.
1.2.4 (Build 480)
  • New: Support for Natural Layout Direction for background image
  • New: Support for defining a light and dark versions for the background image of distributions.
  • Enh: Improves the POSIX permissions for the Projects and Licenses templates.
  • Enh: Improves the POSIX permissions for some .plist file in the application bundle.
  • Enh: Accessory view for switching reference type from the open dialog when adding/choosing a pre/post-installation script.
  • Enh: Adds an Info.plist to the packages_builder binary to deal with the new privacy dialogs.
  • Enh: Workarounds for regressions in macOS Mojave UI when it comes to NSTableRowView.
  • Fix: Having an empty path set for a Welcome document would raise an exception when showing the Presentation pane.
  • Fix: Switching the Path type of the pre and post-installation scripts using the pop-up button would not update the path value.
  • Fix: When first displayed, the name of the script would be grayed and the Modified date would not be set for bundle scripts.
  • Fix: The "Must Close Applications" checkbox action is now correctly set in the French localization.
  • Fix: Handle error code 40 correctly in the build logs. (Issue #23)
  • Fix: Fixed a typo in the French localization of error messages.
  • Fix: Fixed a layout issue in the French localization of a panel.
  • Fix: Handle errors related to untrusted or expired certificates in the build logs.
  • Fix: The default required values for the domains advanced options could not be set in the distribution file if all the values were not set in the .packproj file.
  • Fix: It was not possible to select macOS 10.12.6 as the minimum or maximum version. (Issue #25)
  • Fix: Selecting an Installer Plugin step in the presentation step was not displaying the appropriate information if multiple plugins were used.
    macOS Mojave: Because of known bugs/regressions in macOS, full support for Dark Appearance will be available later: after macOS Mojave has been officially released and Apple has fixed these bugs/regressions.
1.2.3 (Build 372)
  • New: Advanced build option to treat missing payload files as warnings.
  • New: Standard Folders can now be updated in existing projects in order to reflect the latest permissions defined by the latest known macOS version.
  • New: Quick Builds can now be signed.
  • New: Add Latvian as a possible language for the Presentation documents.
  • Enh: Support for https:// urls as location references for remote packages.
  • Enh: Improved drop support for the Location section.
  • Enh: File names in the Payload list are now sorted exactly as in the Finder.
  • Enh: Copyright end date for the license PDF document in the About Box has been bumped.
  • Enh: Add the Audio, ColorPickers and Fonts standard folders to the Hidden Folder Hierarchy (which can be revealed via cmd - .)
  • Enh: Quotes and other things changed for French localization.
  • Enh: Use a flat icon for the Installer Plugin inspector.
  • Enh: Add more error descriptions.
  • Fix: Implemented workarounds for 2 bugs in Apple's code when it comes to supported embedded package names.
  • Fix: Set the supplemental groups in packages_builder.
  • Fix: The "Overwrite directory permission" checkbox for the Settings pane of Raw Package projects now works correctly.
  • Fix: The key equivalent for the OK button of the Choice Requirement panel has been set back.
  • Fix: The bottom padding of the Options section of the Settings pane of a referenced package in a distribution project was incorrect. (Issue #20)
  • Fix: The Location textfield was not taking into account text changes.
  • Fix: Add the sticky bits to the /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools standard folder in the default payload hierarchy.
  • Fix: Clicking the OK button in the Must-Close application panel would not take into account the value of the text field if it was still being edited.
  • Fix: Workaround for a bug in NSPopUpButton that was visible in the Presentation Inspectors on OS X 10.10 at least.
  • Fix: Switching back and forth between the Comments pane and another one would duplicate the comments text.
  • Fix: An exception was raised on Mac OS X 10.8 when editing the Must Close applications list.
  • Fix: An error description was not correctly localized in the application.
  • Fix: Reinstalling Packages while Packages was running would prevent the Build command from working upon completion of the installation with opened documents.
1.2.2 (Build 315)
  • New: It's now possible to require some applications to be closed before installing a package within a distribution (Mac OS X 10.7 or later). (Issue #1).
  • New: It's now possible to set the product-id and version of a distribution using the Advanced Options. (Issue #15)
  • New: It's now possible to define a range of versions for the OS requirement.
  • Enh: Added new behaviors for build results (User Notification, Vocal Announcement, Bouncing icon in Dock).
  • Enh: Improved error reporting for issues related to certificates.
  • Enh: Added a new "Creation of xar archive" in the build log.
  • Enh: Avoid writing some JavaScript comments when there's no JavaScript code to write in the distribution.
  • Enh: Double-clicking a choice requirement enters edition mode.
  • Fix: The build duration was incorrectly reported outside of verbose mode.(Issue #14)
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where the contents of the payload would not be displayed or the application would crash when a uid or gid was not defined on the computer.
  • Fix: Fixed some minor layout issue in the French localization due to Helvetica Neuneue.
  • Fix: Having an empty value for the build folder path would raise an exception.
  • Fix: Fixed a typo in the English localization of the CPU requirement.
  • Fix: Fixed a minor cosmetic issue where the Project row could be drawn in red in some cases.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug causing the raise of an exception when double-clicking the Requirements list when it's empty.
    Known issue: The "Overwrite directory permission" checkbox for the Settings pane of Raw Package projects does not work correctly. This will be fixed in version 1.2.3
1.2.1 (Build 228)
  • New: Added a license template for the Unlicense license.
  • Enh: Moved away from the CoreCarbon copy files API.
  • Enh: Improved the phrasing of some log entries.
  • Enh: Improved support for Locked files.
  • Enh: Uses an absolute path in the ReadMe file.
  • Enh: Basic Copy support for log entries.
  • Enh: Improved the layout of the build status label at the bottom of the document windows.
  • Enh: Integrated the xar bug fixes from the High Sierra sources.
  • Enh: Improved the rendering of the fake Presentation window for macOS 10.11 and earlier.
  • Fix: Fixed the Project template name for Distributions.
  • Fix: The bundle identifier for the "Result of External Script" requirements was not compatible with requirements created with Packages 1.1.3 and earlier. This is now fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where symbolic links at the root of the disk would not be copied during the assemble payload phase. (Issue #7)
  • Fix: Fixed some log entries that were missing a parameter or not using the correct parameter value. (Issue #12)
  • Fix: Fixed some not-public-yet options related to warnings.
  • Fix: Avoided build failures when the same external resource is used in two or more "Result of External Script" requirements. (Issue #10)
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the goldin tool.
  • New: Support for macOS Sierra and High Sierra.
  • New: Support for Hindi.
  • New: Support for APFS volumes.
  • New: is now localized in French.
  • New: Source code is available on github.
  • Enh: Entire code has been modernized (Objective-C 2.x, ARC, View Controllers, XPC, NSCollectionView, View-based NSTableView, etc.).
  • Enh: Installer Plugin inspector lists the version of the plugin.
  • Enh: Improved handling of corrupted project files.
  • Enh: The JavaScript requirement editor does its best to avoid having the Cancel and OK buttons hidden below the bottom of the screen.
  • Enh: Improved and more accurate look for the simulated Installer window in the Presentation tab.
  • Enh: Takes into account the most recent OS versions in the OS requirement options.
  • Enh: Custom Project templates support custom assistant steps via plugins.
  • Enh: Uses accessory views in standard open panels to improve the workflow.
  • Enh: Makes the license templates keywords easier to spot in the document.
  • Fix: Fixed the deprecated APIs issue when signing a package or distribution directly with Packages on macOS Sierra and later.
  • Fix: Fixed the blocking issue when opening a project on macOS High Sierra.
  • Fix: Fixed the blocking issue during the split fork phase of the build on APFS volumes.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the xar library to correctly set the xar toc FinderCreateTime values. Thanks to T. T for the solution.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug when importing a flat package within a bundle distribution.
  • New: Added the /Library/Extensions folder to the default payload hierarchy.
  • New: Moved the /System/Library and /Applications/Utilities folders to the advanced payload hierarchy to take into account El Capitan's "No trespassing" signs.
  • Enh: Took into account the most recent OS versions in the OS requirement options.
  • Enh: Updated the reference to the Installer JavaScript Reference documentation.
  • Enh: Removed the ugly vibrant effect Apple tries to enforce in source lists.
  • Fix: Fixed a problem with the most recent OS versions when the installation domain is the current user's home folder.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash when closing the requirement editor after displaying the JavaScript requirement pane.
  • Fix: Fixed the issue that prevented to reference a package by its identifier in the packagesutil command line tool.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the goldin command line tool on Yosemite and later.
  • Fix: The Success picture was not displayed in the Summary presentation pane of Packages on Yosemite and El Capitan.
  • New: Support for Indonesian, Malay and Vietnamese.
  • New: Check for available updates automatically.
  • New: Ability to duplicate choices requirements.
  • New: Ability to drag and drop choices requirements between 2 projects.
  • Enh: Improved "downgradability" dependencies support.
  • Enh: Support for framework bundle versioning.
  • Enh: Take into account the most recent OS versions in the OS requirement options.
  • Enh: Correctly detects a server flavor of the OS for Mac OS X v10.7 and later.
  • Enh: Modernization of a few parts of the code.
  • Fix: Fixed the problem with the Presentation pane on OS X Yosemite.
  • Fix: If a missing file in the payload of a project is causing a build to fail, the error will now report which file is seen as missing.
  • Fix: If the minSpec advanced options of a distribution project was unwillingly changed and kept empty, building a distribution was creating an incorrect distribution. This is not the case anymore.
  • Fix: Do not display the "Base" language in the Simulator language popup menu on OS X v10.9 and later.
  • Fix: Fixed a typo.
  • Fix: Fixed a rendering issue with the gutter of the JavaScript editor.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash that occurred when editing a JavaScript requirement multiple times.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash that occurred when removing a package when its name was being edited.
  • Fix: Building a distribution without any localized string (title, choice name, etc.) was not possible.
  • Fix: Removing a pre-installation or a pre-installation script was not setting back the default path reference type.
  • New: packagesutil tool to change numerous project settings from shell scripts or command line.
  • New: Support of QuickLook Plugins by the Smart Location Detector.
  • New: SCM Exclusion Rule now supports Git (.git, .gitignore) (for new projects created with version 1.1.1).
  • New: A package item can be exported as a Raw Package project from a Distribution project.
  • New: Packages executables are codesigned.
  • New: Installation distribution is signed for Gatekeeper.
  • Upd: Updated graphic resources for Retina displays.
  • Upd: Updated OS requirements to take into account Mac OS X v10.7.4/5 and OS X v10.8.
  • Enh: Improved compatibility of the Project Assistant with Mac OS X Restoration mechanism.
  • Enh: Better Keychain lookup. But productsign is still to be used to sign a distribution/package for Gatekeeper.
  • Enh: Improved support of Internet Plugins by the Smart Location Detector.
  • Enh: Look for Project templates in /Library/Application Support/Packages/ too.
  • Enh: An error should not be reported when only the reference type for a script has been defined.
  • Enh: Use the Menlo font in the JavaScript editor when available.
  • Enh: The format of package identifiers is now enforced more strictly.
  • Fix: The Embed checkbox of the Shell Script requirement was not behaving correctly in some cases.
  • Fix: Improved the positioning/display of the Presentation window resize indicator.
  • Fix: Downgradable status is now correctly based on the state of the checkbox instead of the existence of a key.
  • Fix: The Project Reference icon was displayed in the Add button.
  • Fix: Changing the reference type of the background picture was not taken into account as long as no path had been defined.
  • Fix: Modifications to a project Comments would not be saved in a case.
  • New: Support for Catalan, Croatian, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Thai and Ukrainian.
  • New: Support for domain installation (Advanced Options).
  • Upd: Updated OS requirements to take into account Mac OS X v10.7.3.
  • Fix: Building a project on a sparse image disk was not working.
  • Fix: Building a project on an AFP volume was not working.
  • Enh: Improved a few error cases with more information displayed.
  • Upd: Updated OS requirements to take into account Mac OS X v10.7.1 and v10.7.2.
  • Fix: Setting an Intel CPU requirement was setting a PowerPC requirement.
  • New: Packages should now appear inside the Developer Tools category in Mac OS X Lion's Finder.
  • Fix: Use the official API on Mac OS X Lion to display hidden files.
  • Fix: Fixed a typo in the new project creation dialog.
  • Fix: Take into account a way to change the project directory to display the appropriate path.
  • Fix: Removed an infinite loop issue if the name of your package included an extension.
  • New: Support for Arabic, Hungarian, Turkish and Czech in the Presentation pane.
  • Enh: Updated folder permissions for the default hierarchy to match the updated ones in Mac OS X v10.7.
  • Fix: Fixed a cosmetic glitches with checkboxes on Mac OS X v10.7.
  • Fix: As long as the "extension" for a package name is not "pkg", do not remove it.
  • Fix: Support for localized tooltip error/warning was broken for choice requirements.
  • New: Support for HFS+ Compression enabled.
  • New: A missing file or folder can now be retargeted in the project.
  • Enh: A Reference Folder can now be set to be a symbolic link if needed.
  • Fix: Fixed an unbearable 2-pixel offset for a widget.
  • Fix: The title of buttons are correctly updated in the License pane preview when the preview language is changed.
  • New: Support for unsupported languages.
  • New: Support for a language in the next major version of the OS.
  • Fix: Fixed a crasher when the application is launched on the next major version of the OS.
  • Fix: Fixed a cosmetic glitch with the advanced options list.
  • Enh: Removed a memory leak.
  • New: Support for unsupported languages.
  • New: Drag and drop support for the New Project location pane.
  • Enh: Removed some deprecated calls.
  • Enh: Postinstall script improved to use absolute paths where needed.
  • Fix: Switching the reference type of a pre/postinstall script attached to a bundle would not be taken into account.
  • Fix: Uninstallation script correctly unloads the daemon.
  • Fix: Fixed some minor issues detected by Cong (missing ellipsis, deprecated keys).
  • New: It is now possible to state that you want to use the bundle version for a Quick Build package.
  • New: It is now possible to change the failover folder for Quick Build packages.
  • New: Updated the CPU requirements settings to take into account the new Mac Pro systems.
  • Fix: The payload default installation location is now correctly saved.
  • Fix: Fixed an incorrect value in the OS requirements pane for the Mac OS X 10.6.5 choice.
  • Fix: Fixed a resizing bug in the project requirements pane.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue related to setting a value for an advanced settings value and then removing it.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue related to checkboxes with advanced options on Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Enh: Set a minimum size for the Build window.
  • Enh: Syntax highlighting is now supported for numbers in the JavaScript editor.
  • Enh: Uninstall scripts improved to use absolute path where needed and remove a launchd action that was not needed.
  • New: 'Send Feeback' menu item in the Help menu.
  • Fix: Removing a localization in the Project Requirements editor was not working correctly for Installation requirements.
  • Fix: Quick Build: Improved support for Screen Savers bundle.
  • Fix: A blank line was displayed in the build log when the build failed because of a missing Installer plugin.
  • Fix: Fixed minor issues in the Installer plugin inspector when the selected plugin is missing.
  • Fix: Support for certificates "installed" in system.keychain.
1.0 (FC3/GM)
  • Fix: The Enabled popup button of the Dependencies editor could have an item enabled when it shouldn't be.
  • Fix: The Choices popup could be missing in the Dependencies editor.
  • Fix: The Conclusion action was seen as missing for imported packages (problem revealed by 1.0 FC2).
1.0 FC2 (Build 2B18)
  • Fix: The Conclusion action was not set for local or embedded packages.
1.0 FC1
  • New: Contextual menu in the Source List.
  • New: Put back the feedback in the document bottom bar when expanding a big hierarchy.
  • Fix: Fixed the Duplicate command.
  • Fix: Changing the path type of a welcome, readme, license, conclusion document was not marking the project document as changed.
  • Fix: Fixed a few capitalizations.
  • Fix: Fixed the size of the Reference Style sheet for Resources hierarchies.
  • Enh: Disk Image has been updated.
  • Enh: Error messages have been improved.
  • Enh: Removed the hidden Indentation menu.
  • New: JavaScript editor custom font name and size are saved.
  • New: Default pane can be set for the Raw package projects.
  • New: Separate menu item added to the Presentation menu.
  • Fix: Drag and drop between payload hierarchies fixed.
  • Fix: Drag and drop between scripts and resources hierarchies fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the Reference folder popup button.
  • Fix: << DO NOT LOCALIZE >> string does not appear in the Build window anymore.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug which could prevent adding a requirement.
  • Enh: Rendering of the bottom of the fake window improved on Snow Leopard.
  • Enh: Text formatter added to the project build name text field.
  • Enh: Improved the rendering of the Summary step on Snow Leopard.
  • New: Support for Flat distributions.
  • New: Support for certificates for Flat distributions.
  • New: Document icon draft.
  • Fix: Removed a raised exception on the Installation Type pane.
  • Fix: Use the correct default type for path in the Scripts bundle pane.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the Directory Services code in charge of retrieving the list of group IDs.
  • Enh: Action Column now displays what displays for groups during the Installation Type step.
  • New: Support for certificates for raw packages.
  • New: Quick Build: build a package in one click.
  • New: Icons added for the swap dependencies button and the Project item.
  • New: The name of the temporary folders used to build the components is now random for security reasons.
  • New: Default authentication mode is admin.
  • New: The Project creation assistant is more flexible when it comes to the choice of a project directory.
  • Fix: Use a sysctl MIB variable compatible with Snow Leopard to check if a CPU is 64-bit compatible.
  • Fix: Add the Reference Folder choice to the License Inspector.
  • Fix: Separating a merged group works correctly now on Leopard and later.
  • Fix: A script requirement with no arguments is generated correctly now.
  • Enh: Improved compatibility with AFP volumes.
  • Enh: installKBytes is now set for pkg-ref when possible.
  • New: Option to preferably use the default path for a Standard search locator.
  • New: JavaScript requirement editor: alt + double-click will show the documentation for an Installer JavaScript keyword.
  • Fix: Application icon improved.
  • Fix: Fixed a performance issue with the Payload inspector.
  • Fix: Fixed a raised exception when adding a search locator.
  • Fix: Modifications in the Standard Locator pane are now correctly taken into account.
  • Fix: The "This step will not be displayed" label should not be displayed in the ReadMe pane when a valid file has been set.
  • Fix: The "DO NOT LOCALIZE" label should not be displayed in the Conclusion pane when a valid file has been set.
  • New: Support for locators.
  • New: Smart drag & drop support for the Payload pane.
  • New: Beta application icon.
  • New: Improved JavaScript editor indentation during edition.
  • Fix: The "Follow Symbolic Links" option is now correctly saved.
  • Fix: Moved the Requirements and Locator Plugins to /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools for security reasons.
  • Fix: x86_64 executables are now correctly detected as such in the Payload inspector.
  • Fix: Editable text fields could be displayed for multiple section in the Payload inspector.
  • Fix: A few memory leaks have been fixed.
  • Fix: A building error case would not be reported by the application.
  • Fix: Fixed a hang when displaying the Edit menu for a Raw package project.
  • New: Support for package duplication in distribution project .
  • New: Draft application icon.
  • New: Web links added to Help Menu.
  • Fix: Bug fix on the Scripts requirement converter.
  • New: Support for a custom reference folder.
  • New: A raw package project can now be upgraded to a distribution project.
  • Fix: Bug fixes for the Background picture inspector popup button.
  • Fix: Bug fixes for some path type switching operations.
  • First Beta

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