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Requires:OS X v10.9 or later
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1.2.10 (728)
  • New: Universal Binary (Intel + Apple Silicon).
  • New: Notarized. (Enjoy it while it lasts).
  • New: Jump to Line (cmd - L) feature for JavaScript Editor (OS X 10.10 and later).
  • New: Elastic folders for advanced users.
  • New: Support for user defined settings (Values can be set through packagesbuild arguments as well).
  • Enh: Support for Apple Silicon CPU architectures (Advanced Options, CPU Requirements). (Thanks to jp for the tests).
  • Enh: Support for macOS Monterey, Big Sur and the latest Catalina minor updates in the OS requirements UI.
  • Enh: Textual description for error codes 250, 300, 506.
  • Enh: Correctly report when external changes to the Packages launchd components prevent a build from working.
  • Enh: Check the validity of XPC connections between the Packages components.
  • Enh: Build process will try to figure out the correct value for hostArchitectures if it has not been defined in a distribution project.
  • Fix: Fix an issue where packages signed with Packages on macOS Big Sur and later would not be considered valid by OS X 10.11 and earlier.
  • Fix: Deleting an Installer plugin from the Presentation pane could not work correctly.
  • Fix: Fix a bug where the uid or gid was not correctly displayed in the File Inspector.
  • Fix: Fix some cosmetic issues (table view grid, scrollview bezel, table view metrics) on macOS Big Sur and Catalina.
  • Fix: Fix an issue where the titles of columns in the Presentation pane were not updated when the simulated localization is changed.
1.2.9 (599)
  • Enh: Updated the CPU requirements UI to take into account new possible CPU configurations.
  • Enh: Updated the RAM requirements UI to take into account new possible RAM configurations.
  • Enh: Better support for Catalina/Mojave OS version numbers in the OS requirements UI.
  • Enh: Services Users and Groups are now hidden by default. They can be displayed through an option in the Files preferences pane.
  • Fix: An offset was incorrectly computed when preserving extended attributes and the attribute was MIA. (Issue #65)
  • Fix: The identifier setter option of packagesutil was not working correctly. Thanks to v-sypayr for the report and investigation. (Issue #63)
1.2.8 (Build 588)
  • Fix: Extended Attributes larger than 4096 Bytes were not correctly read. (Issue #57)
1.2.7 (Build 585)
  • Enh: Support for trusted timestamp for CMS signatures (timestamps are required to notarize a package/distribution)
  • Enh: Improvements to prevent macOS Catavista from complaining too early in the build process.
  • Enh: Improvements to the Xcode project to remove some warnings when building with Xcode 10.
  • Enh: More accurate error reports when dealing with extended attributes (Thanks to Don M. for reporting the issue).
  • Fix: The SetUID, SetGID or Sticky bit could not be set correctly if the project was built on recent OS versions (Mojave, Catalina).
    Notarization: Version 1.2.7 enables you to produce flat distributions and packages that can be notarized. The Packages application, components and distribution themselves are not notarized as I'm not willing to pay the yearly Apple gabelle to distribute freeware on macOS.

1.2.6 (Build 547)
  • New: Spanish Localization (if you find localization errors, do not hesitate to report them)
  • New: It's now possible to define a destination name other than the source name for a real file system object in the Payload. (Advanced Mode)
  • New: It's now possible to define a folder other than ~ as the default location in the Project Assistant.
  • Enh: It's now possible to preserve the extended attributes of the files in the payload if Split Fork is enabled. (Advanced mode) (Issue #30)
  • Fix: Correctly take into account the "Check this requirement against each volume" option for JavaScript distribution requirements.
  • Fix: The name of a new project would not be taken into account in one case in the Project Assistant dialog.
  • Fix: Correctly restore the selection in the Payload hierarchy when the '/' row is selected.
  • Fix: Fix a bug in the Presentation > License pane when removing a custom localized license.
  • Fix: Correctly select the Installer plugin inspector when displaying the Presentation pane for the first time and the first step is an Installer plugin.
    macOS Mojave: Because Apple is unable to fix small bugs in its OSes, switching between Light and Dark Modes in the Presentation pane is not enabled at this time.
    If you're a thrill seeker, you can enable it for macOS 10.14 and later with:

    $ defaults write fr.whitebox.Packages -boolean YES

1.2.5 (Build 542)
  • New: CMS signature support. This should help notarizing a distribution/flat package.
  • New: Dark Mode support first attempt.
  • Enh: Use labeled colors in UI whenever possible.
  • Enh: The contents of the menu of the popup button of the Presentation > Installation step closely matches the order of languages in the License step of (This could also be seen as a regression rdar://45713825 )
  • Enh: Switching the selected language through the popup button of the Presentation > Installation step switches the localization of the right part of the "window".
  • Fix: Fix some native language names.
  • Fix: The Introduction and ReadMe documents should have been rendered in Black & White on macOS Mojave in the Presentation tab to match what does.
  • Fix: The list of documents for the Introduction, ReadMe, License and Summary panes was not sorted when needed.
  • Fix: The ReadMe and License text views were not resized appropriately in the Presentation tab.
  • Fix: Drag and dropping a document in the list of localized licenses could create a broken English entry if all supported localizations were already in the list.
  • Fix: The owner and group of symbolic links were not automatically set appropriately.
  • Fix: The domains XML entity could be added in cases it should not be.
  • Fix: A choice could disappear when performing multiple grouping in the Presentation > Installation Type step.
  • Fix: Duplicating a package within a distribution project would not work correctly if the payload pane has not been visited at least once. Many thanks to the user who reported this bug and the one above.
  • Fix: The background of some group views would not be rendered correctly when the window was resized.
  • Fix: Fix a crash that could occur when closing the "Must Close Applications" editor.
    macOS Mojave: Because of bugs still there in macOS 10.14.2, switching between Light and Dark Modes in the Presentation pane is not enabled at this time.
1.2.4 (Build 480)
  • New: Support for Natural Layout Direction for background image
  • New: Support for defining a light and dark versions for the background image of distributions.
  • Enh: Improves the POSIX permissions for the Projects and Licenses templates.
  • Enh: Improves the POSIX permissions for some .plist file in the application bundle.
  • Enh: Accessory view for switching reference type from the open dialog when adding/choosing a pre/post-installation script.
  • Enh: Adds an Info.plist to the packages_builder binary to deal with the new privacy dialogs.
  • Enh: Workarounds for regressions in macOS Mojave UI when it comes to NSTableRowView.
  • Fix: Having an empty path set for a Welcome document would raise an exception when showing the Presentation pane.
  • Fix: Switching the Path type of the pre and post-installation scripts using the pop-up button would not update the path value.
  • Fix: When first displayed, the name of the script would be grayed and the Modified date would not be set for bundle scripts.
  • Fix: The "Must Close Applications" checkbox action is now correctly set in the French localization.
  • Fix: Handle error code 40 correctly in the build logs. (Issue #23)
  • Fix: Fixed a typo in the French localization of error messages.
  • Fix: Fixed a layout issue in the French localization of a panel.
  • Fix: Handle errors related to untrusted or expired certificates in the build logs.
  • Fix: The default required values for the domains advanced options could not be set in the distribution file if all the values were not set in the .packproj file.
  • Fix: It was not possible to select macOS 10.12.6 as the minimum or maximum version. (Issue #25)
  • Fix: Selecting an Installer Plugin step in the presentation step was not displaying the appropriate information if multiple plugins were used.
    macOS Mojave: Because of known bugs/regressions in macOS, full support for Dark Appearance will be available later: after macOS Mojave has been officially released and Apple has fixed these bugs/regressions.
1.2.3 (Build 372)
  • New: Advanced build option to treat missing payload files as warnings.
  • New: Standard Folders can now be updated in existing projects in order to reflect the latest permissions defined by the latest known macOS version.
  • New: Quick Builds can now be signed.
  • New: Add Latvian as a possible language for the Presentation documents.
  • Enh: Support for https:// urls as location references for remote packages.
  • Enh: Improved drop support for the Location section.
  • Enh: File names in the Payload list are now sorted exactly as in the Finder.
  • Enh: Copyright end date for the license PDF document in the About Box has been bumped.
  • Enh: Add the Audio, ColorPickers and Fonts standard folders to the Hidden Folder Hierarchy (which can be revealed via cmd - .)
  • Enh: Quotes and other things changed for French localization.
  • Enh: Use a flat icon for the Installer Plugin inspector.
  • Enh: Add more error descriptions.
  • Fix: Implemented workarounds for 2 bugs in Apple's code when it comes to supported embedded package names.
  • Fix: Set the supplemental groups in packages_builder.
  • Fix: The "Overwrite directory permission" checkbox for the Settings pane of Raw Package projects now works correctly.
  • Fix: The key equivalent for the OK button of the Choice Requirement panel has been set back.
  • Fix: The bottom padding of the Options section of the Settings pane of a referenced package in a distribution project was incorrect. (Issue #20)
  • Fix: The Location textfield was not taking into account text changes.
  • Fix: Add the sticky bits to the /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools standard folder in the default payload hierarchy.
  • Fix: Clicking the OK button in the Must-Close application panel would not take into account the value of the text field if it was still being edited.
  • Fix: Workaround for a bug in NSPopUpButton that was visible in the Presentation Inspectors on OS X 10.10 at least.
  • Fix: Switching back and forth between the Comments pane and another one would duplicate the comments text.
  • Fix: An exception was raised on Mac OS X 10.8 when editing the Must Close applications list.
  • Fix: An error description was not correctly localized in the application.
  • Fix: Reinstalling Packages while Packages was running would prevent the Build command from working upon completion of the installation with opened documents.
1.2.2 (Build 315)
  • New: It's now possible to require some applications to be closed before installing a package within a distribution (Mac OS X 10.7 or later). (Issue #1).
  • New: It's now possible to set the product-id and version of a distribution using the Advanced Options. (Issue #15)
  • New: It's now possible to define a range of versions for the OS requirement.
  • Enh: Added new behaviors for build results (User Notification, Vocal Announcement, Bouncing icon in Dock).
  • Enh: Improved error reporting for issues related to certificates.
  • Enh: Added a new "Creation of xar archive" in the build log.
  • Enh: Avoid writing some JavaScript comments when there's no JavaScript code to write in the distribution.
  • Enh: Double-clicking a choice requirement enters edition mode.
  • Fix: The build duration was incorrectly reported outside of verbose mode.(Issue #14)
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where the contents of the payload would not be displayed or the application would crash when a uid or gid was not defined on the computer.
  • Fix: Fixed some minor layout issue in the French localization due to Helvetica Neuneue.
  • Fix: Having an empty value for the build folder path would raise an exception.
  • Fix: Fixed a typo in the English localization of the CPU requirement.
  • Fix: Fixed a minor cosmetic issue where the Project row could be drawn in red in some cases.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug causing the raise of an exception when double-clicking the Requirements list when it's empty.
    Known issue: The "Overwrite directory permission" checkbox for the Settings pane of Raw Package projects does not work correctly. This will be fixed in version 1.2.3
1.2.1 (Build 228)
  • New: Added a license template for the Unlicense license.
  • Enh: Moved away from the CoreCarbon copy files API.
  • Enh: Improved the phrasing of some log entries.
  • Enh: Improved support for Locked files.
  • Enh: Uses an absolute path in the ReadMe file.
  • Enh: Basic Copy support for log entries.
  • Enh: Improved the layout of the build status label at the bottom of the document windows.
  • Enh: Integrated the xar bug fixes from the High Sierra sources.
  • Enh: Improved the rendering of the fake Presentation window for macOS 10.11 and earlier.
  • Fix: Fixed the Project template name for Distributions.
  • Fix: The bundle identifier for the "Result of External Script" requirements was not compatible with requirements created with Packages 1.1.3 and earlier. This is now fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where symbolic links at the root of the disk would not be copied during the assemble payload phase. (Issue #7)
  • Fix: Fixed some log entries that were missing a parameter or not using the correct parameter value. (Issue #12)
  • Fix: Fixed some not-public-yet options related to warnings.
  • Fix: Avoided build failures when the same external resource is used in two or more "Result of External Script" requirements. (Issue #10)
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the goldin tool.
  • New: Support for macOS Sierra and High Sierra.
  • New: Support for Hindi.
  • New: Support for APFS volumes.
  • New: is now localized in French.
  • New: Source code is available on github.
  • Enh: Entire code has been modernized (Objective-C 2.x, ARC, View Controllers, XPC, NSCollectionView, View-based NSTableView, etc.).
  • Enh: Installer Plugin inspector lists the version of the plugin.
  • Enh: Improved handling of corrupted project files.
  • Enh: The JavaScript requirement editor does its best to avoid having the Cancel and OK buttons hidden below the bottom of the screen.
  • Enh: Improved and more accurate look for the simulated Installer window in the Presentation tab.
  • Enh: Takes into account the most recent OS versions in the OS requirement options.
  • Enh: Custom Project templates support custom assistant steps via plugins.
  • Enh: Uses accessory views in standard open panels to improve the workflow.
  • Enh: Makes the license templates keywords easier to spot in the document.
  • Fix: Fixed the deprecated APIs issue when signing a package or distribution directly with Packages on macOS Sierra and later.
  • Fix: Fixed the blocking issue when opening a project on macOS High Sierra.
  • Fix: Fixed the blocking issue during the split fork phase of the build on APFS volumes.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the xar library to correctly set the xar toc FinderCreateTime values. Thanks to T. T for the solution.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug when importing a flat package within a bundle distribution.
  • New: Added the /Library/Extensions folder to the default payload hierarchy.
  • New: Moved the /System/Library and /Applications/Utilities folders to the advanced payload hierarchy to take into account El Capitan's "No trespassing" signs.
  • Enh: Took into account the most recent OS versions in the OS requirement options.
  • Enh: Updated the reference to the Installer JavaScript Reference documentation.
  • Enh: Removed the ugly vibrant effect Apple tries to enforce in source lists.
  • Fix: Fixed a problem with the most recent OS versions when the installation domain is the current user's home folder.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash when closing the requirement editor after displaying the JavaScript requirement pane.
  • Fix: Fixed the issue that prevented to reference a package by its identifier in the packagesutil command line tool.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the goldin command line tool on Yosemite and later.
  • Fix: The Success picture was not displayed in the Summary presentation pane of Packages on Yosemite and El Capitan.
  • New: Support for Indonesian, Malay and Vietnamese.
  • New: Check for available updates automatically.
  • New: Ability to duplicate choices requirements.
  • New: Ability to drag and drop choices requirements between 2 projects.
  • Enh: Improved "downgradability" dependencies support.
  • Enh: Support for framework bundle versioning.
  • Enh: Take into account the most recent OS versions in the OS requirement options.
  • Enh: Correctly detects a server flavor of the OS for Mac OS X v10.7 and later.
  • Enh: Modernization of a few parts of the code.
  • Fix: Fixed the problem with the Presentation pane on OS X Yosemite.
  • Fix: If a missing file in the payload of a project is causing a build to fail, the error will now report which file is seen as missing.
  • Fix: If the minSpec advanced options of a distribution project was unwillingly changed and kept empty, building a distribution was creating an incorrect distribution. This is not the case anymore.
  • Fix: Do not display the "Base" language in the Simulator language popup menu on OS X v10.9 and later.
  • Fix: Fixed a typo.
  • Fix: Fixed a rendering issue with the gutter of the JavaScript editor.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash that occurred when editing a JavaScript requirement multiple times.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash that occurred when removing a package when its name was being edited.
  • Fix: Building a distribution without any localized string (title, choice name, etc.) was not possible.
  • Fix: Removing a pre-installation or a pre-installation script was not setting back the default path reference type.
  • New: packagesutil tool to change numerous project settings from shell scripts or command line.
  • New: Support of QuickLook Plugins by the Smart Location Detector.
  • New: SCM Exclusion Rule now supports Git (.git, .gitignore) (for new projects created with version 1.1.1).
  • New: A package item can be exported as a Raw Package project from a Distribution project.
  • New: Packages executables are codesigned.
  • New: Installation distribution is signed for Gatekeeper.
  • Upd: Updated graphic resources for Retina displays.
  • Upd: Updated OS requirements to take into account Mac OS X v10.7.4/5 and OS X v10.8.
  • Enh: Improved compatibility of the Project Assistant with Mac OS X Restoration mechanism.
  • Enh: Better Keychain lookup. But productsign is still to be used to sign a distribution/package for Gatekeeper.
  • Enh: Improved support of Internet Plugins by the Smart Location Detector.
  • Enh: Look for Project templates in /Library/Application Support/Packages/ too.
  • Enh: An error should not be reported when only the reference type for a script has been defined.
  • Enh: Use the Menlo font in the JavaScript editor when available.
  • Enh: The format of package identifiers is now enforced more strictly.
  • Fix: The Embed checkbox of the Shell Script requirement was not behaving correctly in some cases.
  • Fix: Improved the positioning/display of the Presentation window resize indicator.
  • Fix: Downgradable status is now correctly based on the state of the checkbox instead of the existence of a key.
  • Fix: The Project Reference icon was displayed in the Add button.
  • Fix: Changing the reference type of the background picture was not taken into account as long as no path had been defined.
  • Fix: Modifications to a project Comments would not be saved in a case.
  • New: Support for Catalan, Croatian, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Thai and Ukrainian.
  • New: Support for domain installation (Advanced Options).
  • Upd: Updated OS requirements to take into account Mac OS X v10.7.3.
  • Fix: Building a project on a sparse image disk was not working.
  • Fix: Building a project on an AFP volume was not working.
  • Enh: Improved a few error cases with more information displayed.
  • Upd: Updated OS requirements to take into account Mac OS X v10.7.1 and v10.7.2.
  • Fix: Setting an Intel CPU requirement was setting a PowerPC requirement.
  • New: Packages should now appear inside the Developer Tools category in Mac OS X Lion's Finder.
  • Fix: Use the official API on Mac OS X Lion to display hidden files.
  • Fix: Fixed a typo in the new project creation dialog.
  • Fix: Take into account a way to change the project directory to display the appropriate path.
  • Fix: Removed an infinite loop issue if the name of your package included an extension.
  • New: Support for Arabic, Hungarian, Turkish and Czech in the Presentation pane.
  • Enh: Updated folder permissions for the default hierarchy to match the updated ones in Mac OS X v10.7.
  • Fix: Fixed a cosmetic glitches with checkboxes on Mac OS X v10.7.
  • Fix: As long as the "extension" for a package name is not "pkg", do not remove it.
  • Fix: Support for localized tooltip error/warning was broken for choice requirements.
  • New: Support for HFS+ Compression enabled.
  • New: A missing file or folder can now be retargeted in the project.
  • Enh: A Reference Folder can now be set to be a symbolic link if needed.
  • Fix: Fixed an unbearable 2-pixel offset for a widget.
  • Fix: The title of buttons are correctly updated in the License pane preview when the preview language is changed.
  • New: Support for unsupported languages.
  • New: Support for a language in the next major version of the OS.
  • Fix: Fixed a crasher when the application is launched on the next major version of the OS.
  • Fix: Fixed a cosmetic glitch with the advanced options list.
  • Enh: Removed a memory leak.
  • New: Support for unsupported languages.
  • New: Drag and drop support for the New Project location pane.
  • Enh: Removed some deprecated calls.
  • Enh: Postinstall script improved to use absolute paths where needed.
  • Fix: Switching the reference type of a pre/postinstall script attached to a bundle would not be taken into account.
  • Fix: Uninstallation script correctly unloads the daemon.
  • Fix: Fixed some minor issues detected by Cong (missing ellipsis, deprecated keys).
  • New: It is now possible to state that you want to use the bundle version for a Quick Build package.
  • New: It is now possible to change the failover folder for Quick Build packages.
  • New: Updated the CPU requirements settings to take into account the new Mac Pro systems.
  • Fix: The payload default installation location is now correctly saved.
  • Fix: Fixed an incorrect value in the OS requirements pane for the Mac OS X 10.6.5 choice.
  • Fix: Fixed a resizing bug in the project requirements pane.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue related to setting a value for an advanced settings value and then removing it.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue related to checkboxes with advanced options on Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Enh: Set a minimum size for the Build window.
  • Enh: Syntax highlighting is now supported for numbers in the JavaScript editor.
  • Enh: Uninstall scripts improved to use absolute path where needed and remove a launchd action that was not needed.
  • New: 'Send Feeback' menu item in the Help menu.
  • Fix: Removing a localization in the Project Requirements editor was not working correctly for Installation requirements.
  • Fix: Quick Build: Improved support for Screen Savers bundle.
  • Fix: A blank line was displayed in the build log when the build failed because of a missing Installer plugin.
  • Fix: Fixed minor issues in the Installer plugin inspector when the selected plugin is missing.
  • Fix: Support for certificates "installed" in system.keychain.
1.0 (FC3/GM)
  • Fix: The Enabled popup button of the Dependencies editor could have an item enabled when it shouldn't be.
  • Fix: The Choices popup could be missing in the Dependencies editor.
  • Fix: The Conclusion action was seen as missing for imported packages (problem revealed by 1.0 FC2).
1.0 FC2 (Build 2B18)
  • Fix: The Conclusion action was not set for local or embedded packages.
1.0 FC1
  • New: Contextual menu in the Source List.
  • New: Put back the feedback in the document bottom bar when expanding a big hierarchy.
  • Fix: Fixed the Duplicate command.
  • Fix: Changing the path type of a welcome, readme, license, conclusion document was not marking the project document as changed.
  • Fix: Fixed a few capitalizations.
  • Fix: Fixed the size of the Reference Style sheet for Resources hierarchies.
  • Enh: Disk Image has been updated.
  • Enh: Error messages have been improved.
  • Enh: Removed the hidden Indentation menu.
  • New: JavaScript editor custom font name and size are saved.
  • New: Default pane can be set for the Raw package projects.
  • New: Separate menu item added to the Presentation menu.
  • Fix: Drag and drop between payload hierarchies fixed.
  • Fix: Drag and drop between scripts and resources hierarchies fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the Reference folder popup button.
  • Fix: << DO NOT LOCALIZE >> string does not appear in the Build window anymore.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug which could prevent adding a requirement.
  • Enh: Rendering of the bottom of the fake window improved on Snow Leopard.
  • Enh: Text formatter added to the project build name text field.
  • Enh: Improved the rendering of the Summary step on Snow Leopard.
  • New: Support for Flat distributions.
  • New: Support for certificates for Flat distributions.
  • New: Document icon draft.
  • Fix: Removed a raised exception on the Installation Type pane.
  • Fix: Use the correct default type for path in the Scripts bundle pane.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the Directory Services code in charge of retrieving the list of group IDs.
  • Enh: Action Column now displays what displays for groups during the Installation Type step.
  • New: Support for certificates for raw packages.
  • New: Quick Build: build a package in one click.
  • New: Icons added for the swap dependencies button and the Project item.
  • New: The name of the temporary folders used to build the components is now random for security reasons.
  • New: Default authentication mode is admin.
  • New: The Project creation assistant is more flexible when it comes to the choice of a project directory.
  • Fix: Use a sysctl MIB variable compatible with Snow Leopard to check if a CPU is 64-bit compatible.
  • Fix: Add the Reference Folder choice to the License Inspector.
  • Fix: Separating a merged group works correctly now on Leopard and later.
  • Fix: A script requirement with no arguments is generated correctly now.
  • Enh: Improved compatibility with AFP volumes.
  • Enh: installKBytes is now set for pkg-ref when possible.
  • New: Option to preferably use the default path for a Standard search locator.
  • New: JavaScript requirement editor: alt + double-click will show the documentation for an Installer JavaScript keyword.
  • Fix: Application icon improved.
  • Fix: Fixed a performance issue with the Payload inspector.
  • Fix: Fixed a raised exception when adding a search locator.
  • Fix: Modifications in the Standard Locator pane are now correctly taken into account.
  • Fix: The "This step will not be displayed" label should not be displayed in the ReadMe pane when a valid file has been set.
  • Fix: The "DO NOT LOCALIZE" label should not be displayed in the Conclusion pane when a valid file has been set.
  • New: Support for locators.
  • New: Smart drag & drop support for the Payload pane.
  • New: Beta application icon.
  • New: Improved JavaScript editor indentation during edition.
  • Fix: The "Follow Symbolic Links" option is now correctly saved.
  • Fix: Moved the Requirements and Locator Plugins to /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools for security reasons.
  • Fix: x86_64 executables are now correctly detected as such in the Payload inspector.
  • Fix: Editable text fields could be displayed for multiple section in the Payload inspector.
  • Fix: A few memory leaks have been fixed.
  • Fix: A building error case would not be reported by the application.
  • Fix: Fixed a hang when displaying the Edit menu for a Raw package project.
  • New: Support for package duplication in distribution project .
  • New: Draft application icon.
  • New: Web links added to Help Menu.
  • Fix: Bug fix on the Scripts requirement converter.
  • New: Support for a custom reference folder.
  • New: A raw package project can now be upgraded to a distribution project.
  • Fix: Bug fixes for the Background picture inspector popup button.
  • Fix: Bug fixes for some path type switching operations.
  • First Beta

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