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Requires:macOS v10.13 or later
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What is Unexpectedly?

Unexpectedly is a Mac application that lets you browse and visualize the reports from crashes that happened on your Mac or, more probably, another one (1).

Unexpectedly knows how to parse macOS crash reports. Unexpectedly processes the crash reports to display them as text with colored syntax and hyperlinks or as outlines. A broad range of options are available to let you customize how and what to display.

Unexpectedly can symbolicate the backtraces of crash reports using either the dSYM archives you provide or the ones it has automatically found on your Mac.


Browsing crash reports

Unexpectedly lets you access all the crash reports on your Mac: user or system ones. You can add specific individual crash reports or folders of crash reports.

Unexpectedly enables you define Smart Sources for reports so that you can filter reports per process name, executable path, exception type, etc. A Recents smart source lets you see the reports for crashes that happened during the last 24 hours.

text representation

Visualizing crash reports as text

Unexpectedly presents the report using a colored theme. You can select among multiple default themes. These themes can be customized or you can create your own.

Unexpectedly offers you a jump bar that lets you quickly switch between reports or jump to a specific section of the displayed report.

Unexpectedly offers you options to define which sections of a report should be displayed or to hide some components of a stack frame.

Unexpectedly inserts hyperlinks into the text representation of reports. For instance, you can click a machine instruction address to jump to the corresponding binary image listing.

outline representation

Visualizing crash reports as outline

Unexpectedly can present the contents of reports using a more friendly layout that is focused on the backtraces.

Unexpectedly offers you a jump bar that lets you quickly switch between reports.

Unexpectedly offers you options to define how to present the backtraces, whether to show or hide the list of binary images to display or to hide some components of a stack frame.



Unexpectedly can symbolicate the machine instruction addresses of the backtraces of the crash reports as long as it knows where the corresponding dSYM archives are located.

Unexpectedly can automatically look for dSYM archives using Spotlight. You can also manually point Unexpectedly to the location of a dSYM archive.

One more thing

When you are done analyzing the reports, you can, of course, quit Unexpectedly.

1. because, as we all know, "it works on my machine".

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