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Installer Plugins


This section provides information on Installer plugins. It contains tutorials to help you understand how to create them, how to debug them, etc. It also contains references to additional resources or sample code.


100Once upon a time...
This tutorial describes what Installer plugins are and a few things you should know about them .
101My First Plugin
This tutorial describes how to build a simple Installer plugin and embed it in a package.
102Debugging an Installer Plugin
This tutorial describes how to setup your Xcode project to debug your plugin.


001Plugin User Interface
This FAQ contains information that could prove useful to customize the user interface of your plugins.
002Package Bundle
This FAQ contains information related to the package bundle embedding the plugin.
This FAQ contains information on the potential origins of a crash of when using a plugin.



Builds a sample Installer Plugin. Provides instructions for developers on how to build and install custom plugins into their packages. This allows developers to participate in their user's install experience, while keeping a consistent look and feel with the Apple Installer's user-interface.

This example serves as base-code for developers to use to create their own plugins. This can be used with packages created by PackageMaker.

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Stephane Sudre

This sample code can be used to display an additional Software License Agreement in the Installer. It is available under the BSD license unless stated otherwise in the code. This can be used with packages created by PackageMaker, Iceberg and Packages.

Other Resources

MacTech Magazine

Installer Plugins by José R.C. Cruz ( June 2009 Issue )
This article will give you the background you will need to write your own installer plug-in. First, it explains how the plug-in fits into the basic install session. Then, it describes the plug-in API defined by the InstallerPlugin.framework. Next, it presents the plug-in template and its constituent files. Finally, it shows how to build a basic plug-in and test it in a basic package.

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