Does it suck or is it just me?


This document will try to group some thoughts about PackageMaker and Iceberg. Mostly regarding poor or bad user experience, lack of features and complete non-sense.

Problems Observed

TopicIssue in PackageMakerIssue in IcebergSolution Found
Package IdentifierAs soon as you open PackageMaker, you are requested to enter the prefix to use for package identifier.

IMHO, this is bad because this is not the first thing you have in mind when you want to create a new package.

A default package identifier is provided. You don't have to worry about this when you create a new project. It can then be customized.

The problem is that the default value is too generic.

Localization SupportLocalization support is incomplete. The UI assumes the user will understand that 'en' means English.Usage of PopupButton is not very handy. "International" language is confusing and outdated.Yes
Plugin SupportNo support at all.Not visually rich.Yes

Last Updated: 2008-11-28