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Requires:Mac OS X v10.5 or later
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  • New: Check the titles of buttons. (Mac Apps)
  • Fix: Fixed an issue when analyzing custom NSMenuItem subclasses.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with applications using a NSMenuItem subclass.
  • Fix: Removed the warning related to using binary property list since Apple is not conforming to its own guidelines in Lion.
  • Fix: Improved processing of command line option.
  • Fix: Check that the .nib extension is not appended to the name of the NSMainNibFile.
  • New: Command line support.
  • New: iOS application (.app) support (.plist, .strings and .h).
  • New: .plist - Check that the NSPrincipalClass key is not omitted for preferences panes.
  • New: .plist - Report missing main nib file.
  • New: .nib - Check for typos in the menu bar.
  • New: .nib - Check for a mix of localized and non localized nib files.
  • New: Option to create a new window when the last one has been closed.
  • Fix: Fixed a false positive detection with icons of preferences panes.
  • Fix: Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Fix: Fixed a bundle cache issue.
  • First Beta

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