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Requires:Mac OS X v10.5 or later
Documentation References

Here are some of the official documentations on which Cong rules are based upon:

Information Property List Key Reference by Apple

Bundle Programming Guide by Apple

Uniform Type Identifiers Overview by Apple

Sparkle Documentation by Andy Matuschak

Cong in the News

CocoaCast Cacao Episode 54 (French): Github Résumé, TISwipeableTableView, Cong and iOS Debugging Magic.

Modified APSL Source Code

Cong makes use of source code under the APSL license. As required by this license, the modified source code is made available.

APSL code (23 KB)

Source Code

The source code of Cong is available on GitHub:

packagesdev/cong (23 KB)

User Guide

Please check the FAQ.

Release Notes

Cong's Release Notes



While the Cong application is provided on a as-is basis, if you think you have found a bug in the software or if you have a question or suggestion related to the use of the software, you can try to write to:

dev dot cong at gmail dot com

Who knows, you may even get an answer.

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