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Requires:OS X v10.8 or later
macOS Catalina compatibility or lack thereof
macOS Catalina 10.5.3 and earlier is not compatible with SaveHollywood. Things are working better on macOS 10.15.4.

Starting with macOS Mojave, Apple apparently started sandboxing the Desktop & Screen Saver Preferences Pane. And, surprise, surprise, while doing that, Apple introduced new bugs. Among other things, this resulted in the standard open panel not working correctly any more in multiple cases.

In macOS Catalina, Apple completely broke the standard open panel APIs when invoked from a screen saver. And, for the same price, they also introduced other issues.

Working around this probably requires new APIs that are currently private and used only by Apple's own screen savers.

Until either Apple fixes its bugs or provides access to the new APIs to 3rd party developers, there are no real workarounds to make macOS Catalina 10.5.3 or earlier compatible with SaveHollywood.

something big

What is SaveHollywood?

SaveHollywood is a Screen Saver module for OS X 10.8 or later. It lets you play movies when your Mac enters screen saver mode.


Movies, movies, movies, …

SaveHollywood lets you define which movies you want to be played. You can either add a movie or a folder of movies.

You can play:

  • movies shot with your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® touch.
  • movie trailers (for example from the iTunes Movie Trailers website).
  • training materials (for example: WWDC sessions, video podcasts, exported Keynote® documents)
  • etc.
You can sort movies manually so that they get played in the order you like or you can choose to play them in random order.

For a list of compatible video formats, check the Technical specifications.


Multiple sizes to fit them all

You can choose to enjoy watching your movies either at their actual size or in fullscreen. You can also select to have the movie fit the screen to remove the top and bottom borders. Speaking of borders, you can add a virtual frame border around the movie if you wish too.

To make the public aware of which movie is currently being played, you can have the movie title and copyrights be displayed when the movie starts playing or you can periodically remind the audience of what they are currently watching.

Movies look usually better on a black background (when they are not sized either to fit or fill the screen), but if you want to use another background color, you can pick up the one you wish.


Silence is nice too

If you use this Screen Saver to display marketing information when the computer is not being used (similar to what you can see in Apple Stores), you may want to mute the audio of the movies. If you have a multiple-display configuration, listening to 2 or more movies at the same time can be confusing, so you can select to play the audio only for the movies on the main display.



If you have a multiple-display configuration and want the movies to be played only on one of them, you can select to play them on the main display only.

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