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Requires:OS X v10.8 or later
SaveHollywood Source Code

SaveHollywood is distributed under a BSD License. SaveHollywood source code is available under a BSD license and provided as a Xcode project.

GitHub Repository

Release Notes

If you wish to mute a movie while it's playing, press the 'M' key.

If you wish to change the volume level of a movie while it's playing, use the arrow down and arrow up keys.

Where to get movies

iTunes Movie Trailers

When you select to watch a movie trailer from this site, select the size you want from the Download section of the Watch Now popup button and when the movie has been fully downloaded in the QuickTime Player, you can save it on disk for later viewing with SaveHollywood.

iPhone®, iPod® or iPad® videos

If you've shot a video with your iPhone®, iPod® or iPad®, you can use the Image Capture utility to transfer them on your Mac. Then you can play them with SaveHollywood.



While the SaveHollywood Screen Saver is provided on a as-is basis, if you think you have found a bug in the software or if you have a question, a suggestion related to the use of the software or if you wish to provide a localization for a language not already available, you can try to write to:

dev dot savehollywood at gmail dot com

Who knows, you may even get an answer.

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