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1.0 beta 3 (65)
  • New: Support for macOS .ips files.
  • New: Advanced option to check for updates of the application.
  • New: Addition of 3 new Smart Source criteria: Executable Version, Operating System Version, Report File Name.

  • Enh: Improved drag and drop validation to avoid duplicate entries in the list of sources.
  • Enh: Minor changes to the icon of the application for small representations.
  • Enh: New option to display the file names of reports instead of the name of the processes.

  • Fix: Remove some unnecessary extended attributes on a file.
  • Fix: Append the version of the application to the name of the mounted disk image.
  • Fix: Fix a cosmetic issue with the popup buttons in the Registers window on macOS Big Sur.
  • Fix: Fix the wireframe rendering of the icon in the About Box in Dark Mode.
1.0 beta 2 (57)
  • New: Spanish localization.
  • New: QuickLook plugin.

  • Enh: Use system icon for the Fonts & Colors preferences window when it's available.
  • Enh: Present an error alert listing the reasons why some .crash files could not be opened.
  • Enh: Enable multiple selection in open panel and improve selection of remaining sources following a source removal.

  • Fix: Fix typo in the feedback email address.
  • Fix: Fix typos in the help balloons.
  • Fix: Fix non localized tooltips in French version.
  • Fix: Fix a parsing issue related to text encoding.
  • Fix: Fix a coloring issue with the last character of some binary images names.
  • Fix: Fix coloring issue in stack frame by considering main binary image to be user code.
  • Fix: Fix bug in the jump bar preventing jumping to a report with missing sections.
1.0 beta (48)
  • New: First public beta of Unexpectedly.

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