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Iceberg vs PackageMaker

Broadly speaking, Iceberg is to PackageMaker what Xcode or ProjectBuilder are to 'make'.

IcebergPackageMaker (Tiger)PackageMaker
Universal BinaryYESYESNO
Runs on Mac OS X 10.2 and later10.410.2 and 10.3
PriceFreeFree (*)Free (*)
SourceAvailableNot availableNot available
LocalizationEnglish, French,PolishEnglishEnglish
Support for Relative File PathsYESYES (Resources only)NO
Import 10.1 PackageMaker project filesYES?NO
Background PictureIcebergPackageMakerNO (**)
WelcomeIcebergPackageMakerNO (**)
ReadMeIcebergPackageMakerNO (**)
LicenseIcebergPackageMakerNO (**)
Localization SupportIcebergNO (**)NO (**)
Metapackage Support1 project neededMultiple projects neededMultiple projects needed
License TemplatesYESNONO
Project TemplatesYESNONO
Simultaneous BuildsYES--
Installation SimulatorYESYES (No localization support)NO
Option Flags supported in the UI777
Restart Actions supported in the UI554
Project File formatProperty List file.
Documented format.
Supports All 10.1 FlagsYESYESNO (**)
Supports 10.1 Package FormatYESYESYES
Supports 10.1 MetaPackage FormatYESNONO
10.3 requirementsbundle, file, gestalt, package, plist, sysctl"Basic"NO (**)
Drag and Drop supportYESMinimalMinimal
Remove .pbdevelopment files or CVS foldersYESYESNO
Command line toolYESYESYES
Front-End User InterfaceNot too shabbyClumsy (***)Basic
TokenDefinitions and PathMapping supportYESOUINO (**)
AppleScript supportYESAutomator actionNO
DistributionList supportNOYESNO
Package Plugin supportYESNO (**)NO (**)

(*) Available with the Developer Tools.
(**) Requires the use of Terminal, Finder or Text Editor.
(***) This is a personal opinion.

Author: Stéphane Sudre