User's Guide

 Chapter 1 - Installing Iceberg
 System Requirements
 Installing Iceberg on a single computer
 Installing Iceberg on a remote computer
 Installation Blueprints
 Uninstalling Iceberg
 Chapter 2 - Welcome to Iceberg
 Iceberg Features at a Glance
 Resources for Learning More
 Chapter 3 - Tutorial
 Creating a package
 Creating a metapackage
 Chapter 4 - Creating a new project
 Creating a project from a template
 Creating a project from a PackageMaker project
 Chapter 5 - Configuring the project
 Customizing the build location
 Selecting Options
 Adding notes or comments
 Chapter 6 - Customizing component settings
 Customizing the component description
 Customizing the component display information
 Customizing the component version
 Tweaking component options
 Chapter 7 - Customizing components
 Customizing the background image
 Customizing the Welcome message
 Customizing the ReadMe message
 Customizing the user license agreement
 Running an installation simulation
 Chapter 8 - Defining Installation Requirements and Scripts
 Managing Installation Requirements
 Configuring Installation Requirements
 Defining Installation Scripts
 Adding Additional Resources
 Chapter 9 - Defining Installer plugins
 About Installer Plugins
 Creating an Installer plugin
 Managing Installer Plugins
 Chapter 10 - Defining the items to install
 Specifying the default Install Destination
 Selecting Archiving Options
 Managing the file hierarchy
 Changing the attributes of an item
 Managing Search Rules
 Editing Search Rules
 Chapter 11 - Managing components
 Adding a component to a metapackage
 Renaming a component
 Changing a component attribute
 Enabling and disabling a component
 Removing a component
 Sorting components
 Grouping and ungrouping components
 Changing the relative location of components
 Chapter 12 - Managing the Application Preferences
 Appendix A - License Templates
 Appendix B - Project Templates
 Appendix C - Iceberg Document Format

Author: Stéphane Sudre