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Welcome to Iceberg

With Iceberg, you will be able to easily create your packages and metapackages with one application. This preface provides an overview of the features of Iceberg.

Iceberg is an Integrated Packaging Environment. It lets you create and manage projects with complex hierarchies of packages and metapackages. You can handle most of packages and metapackages options within Iceberg, without having to use other tools.

Iceberg Features at a Glance

Management of complex hierarchies of packages and metapackages

Iceberg lets you manage complex hierarchy of packages and metapackages within an unique project. You can add, import, enable, disable or remove components very easily using the Packages & Metapackages list.

To read more on this topic, see chapter 10, "Managing components".

Management of components informations

Iceberg lets you manage multiple localizations for the components information, add a custom icon to a component or select packages installing options.

To read more on this topic, see chapter 6, "Customizing component settings".

Customization of components

Iceberg lets you choose a background image, localized Welcome and ReadMe messages, localized user's license from files or templates. A simulator lets you preview the result without having to build the component and launch Installer.

To read more on this topic, see chapter 7, "Customizing components".

Management of installation requirements and scripts

Iceberg lets you specify installation requirements for a component, scripts to launch before or after the installation. Additionally, you can specify complementary resources that shall be included in the component.

To read more on this topic, see chapter 8, "Defining Installation Requirements and Scripts".

Management of installation plugins

Iceberg lets you add Installer plugins for a component. Installer plugins allows you to show additional steps or panes during the installation of a package.

To read more on this topic, see chapter 9, "Defining Installer Plugins".

Management of the file archive hierarchy

Iceberg lets you add or remove items to the file archive hierarchy very easily. You can change the properties of these items without having to leave the application. You can attach search rules to items to spot their previous locations in case of an update.

To read more on this topic, see chapter 10, "Defining the items to install".

Resources for Learning More

Web Resources

You can find detailed information on the format of packages and metapackages in the Apple's document Software Distribution.

Author: Stéphane Sudre