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Creating a package

This documents shows how to create a package to install the TextEdit application in the /Applications folder. This will let you discover the Settings and the Files panes.

Creating a new project

1Open the Iceberg application.
2Choose File > New Project… .
3Select the Core Templates Package project template and click Next.
4Type MyPackage in the Project name text field and click Finish.

Adding files to be installed

1Choose View > Files.
2Click on the disclosure triangle of the / folder to reveal its content.
3Select the Applications line.
4Choose Archive > Add Files… .
5Go the Applications folder.
6Select the TextEdit application and click Add.
7Choose the reference style from the Reference Style pop-up menu.

Note: The default reference style can be changed in the Preferences dialog.

8Click Add.

Tweaking the package settings

Installing items in the /Applications folder requires administrative privileges. You are going to tweak the package settings so that the user needs to authenticate when he/she installs the package.

1Choose View > Settings.
2Choose Root Authorization from the Authorization pop-up menu.

Building the package

1Choose File > Save.
2Choose Build > Build.

The MyPackage.pkg package will be built in the build folder at the same level that the project document.

Author: Stéphane Sudre