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Configuring the project

When you create a new project from a template or by importing a PackageMaker project, the project options are the default ones. These options are mainly dealing with the building of the project and its components. You can change these options if needed.

Customizing the build location

By default, the components are built in a build folder at the same level as the project. You can choose another build location if you wish.

  • The reference style for the build location is by default relative to the project. You can switch to an absolute path reference style using the text field pop-up menu.

  • This document shows how to change the build location using the standard open dialog. It is possible to directly type the path name of the build location or to drag and drop a folder from the Finder to the text field (as long as the text field is not in edition mode).

To customize the build location:

1Choose View > Project.
2Choose Choose… from the Action pop-up menu in the Build Location section.
3Select or create the folder to use as the build location and click Choose.

Selecting Options

When you create a new project, options affecting the building of every metapackage or packages are enabled by default. These options can be changed if needed.

To disable or enable options:

1Choose View > Project.
2Select or unselect checkboxes in the Options section.

Here is the list of the available options:

Adding notes or comments

You can add notes or comments for a project. For instance, you can list the versions of applications installed by the project.

To add or change comments:

1Choose View > Project.
2Type your notes in the text field of the Comments section.

Author: Stéphane Sudre