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Project templates

When you create a new project, Iceberg lets you choose a template amongst a list of predefined project templates.

This document shows you how to create and add your own project templates.

Project templates location

Project templates shall be put in the folder:

/Library/Application Support/Iceberg/Projects Templates

By default, Iceberg proposes the following templates:

Project templates format

Project templates are mainly Property List files describing the default settings of a project when you create a new one.

Creating a project template

1Open a new Finder window.
2Choose Go > Go to Folder… .
3Type /Library/Application Support/Iceberg/Projects Templates in the Go to the folder text field and click Go.
4Choose File > New Folder and set the name of the new folder to MyTemplates to create a new category of templates.

Note: Of course, you can use a different name or just put your project template in one of the already existing categories.


Within this folder, create a new folder and named it with the name that shall appear in the list of templates in Iceberg.

6Using a text editor or Property List Editor, create a file named template.packproj.

Note: It's obviously easier to duplicate a template.packproj file to use it as a basis for your custom project template.

7Complete this file according to the Iceberg project format described in the Document format document.

Note: MACROs can be used for some values in a project template so that they can be set when a project is created from a template.

8Within the project template folder, create a folder for every localization you will provide for the project description. The project description is displayed in the Project creation assistant window.

Important: These folders names shall conform to the following format: LanguageName.desc, where LanguageName is the English name of the localization. Therefore the folder containing the English description shall be named English.desc, while the French one shall be named French.desc, etc.

9Create a text file named description.txt with the localized project template description inside every .desc folder.

The final files hierarchy should look like this:

List of supported MACROs
Name  Default Value  Dynamic  Description 
COMPANY_NAME "My Great Company" Yes Your company name
COMPANY_PACKAGE_IDENTIFIER  "com.mygreatcompany.pkg" Yes Bundle identifier prefix
PROJECT_NAME Computed on project creation No Project Name
PROJECT_PATH Computed on project creation No Absolute path name of the project 
YEAR Computed on project creation No Project year of creation

Author: Stéphane Sudre