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Creating a distribution

This document shows how to create a distribution with 2 packages: one to install the Font Book application in the /Applications folder, another one to install fonts in the /Library/Fonts folder.

Creating a new project

1Open the Packages application.
2Choose File > New Project…
3Select the Distribution project template and click Next.
4Type MyDistribution in the Project name text field and click Finish.

Creating the packages

1Select the MyDistribution package and double-click on its label to edit it.
2Type Application and validate with Return.
3Click the Settings tab.
4Set the Tag Identifier to be com.mygreatcompany.pkg.application.
5Click the Payload tab.
6Select the Applications line.
7Click the + button.
8Go the /Applications folder.
9Select the Font Book application and click Add…
10Click Add.
11Choose Project > New Package.
12Select the untitled package package and double-click on its label to edit it.
13Type Fonts and validate with Return.
14Click the Settings tab.
15Set the Tag Identifier to be com.mygreatcompany.pkg.fonts.
16Click the Payload tab.
17Select the /Library line.
18Choose Hierarchy > New Folder.
19Set the name of the folder to Fonts.
20Click the + button.
21Go the /Library/Fonts folder.
22Select one or more fonts and click Add…
23Click Add.

Adding a welcome message

You are now going to add a Welcome message which will be displayed by Installer when you launch the installation procedure of the metapackage.

1Choose Project > Project.
2Click the Presentation tab.

With a text editor, create a text document and write a welcome message. Save this document in the distribution project folder.

Note: The text document format can be TEXT, RTF, RTFd or HTML.
4Click the the + button of the Introduction inspector.
5Click the rightmost popup button on the first line of the inspector table.
6Choose Other…
7Go to the distribution project folder.
8Select the document you've created and click Choose.

Building the distribution

1Choose File > Save.
2Choose Build > Build.

The MyDistribution.mpkg distribution will be created the build folder at the same level that the project document. The packages are embedded into the distribution.

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