Packages User Guide

 Welcome to Packages
 Packages features at a glance
 Resources for learning more
 General Information
 Conventions used in this guide
 User Interface Navigation
 File Reference Style
 Chapter 1 - Installing Packages
 System requirements
 Installing Packages on a single computer
 Installing Packages on a remote computer
 Uninstalling Packages
 Chapter 2 - Tutorial
 Creating a package
 Creating a distribution
 Chapter 3 - Creating a new project
 Creating a distribution project
 Creating a raw package project
 Showing/hiding the project template window on launch
 Chapter 4 - Configuring a project
 Changing the name
 Changing the build location
 Changing the reference folder
 Choosing a distribution format
 Managing the certificate of a flat distribution or raw package
 Managing exclusions
 Using advanced options
 Adding notes or comments
 Chapter 5 - Managing distribution packages
 Adding a new distribution package
 Adding a new distribution package reference
 Importing a raw package to a distribution
 Removing a package
 Chapter 6 - Customizing a distribution interface
 Customizing the distribution title
 Customizing the background image
 Customizing the Introduction message
 Customizing the Read Me message
 Customizing the License agreement
 Customizing the Summary message
 Adding Installer Plugins
 Chapter 7 - Customizing a distribution Installation Type and requirements
 Defining what the user can see
 Managing the choices hierarchy
 Customizing the title and description of a choice
 Customizing the visibility and state of a choice
 Defining requirements for a choice
 Defining requirements for a distribution
 Chapter 8 - Customizing a package settings and scripts
 Renaming a package
 Changing the identifier and version of a package
 Changing the post installation behavior of a package
 Changing the relative location of a package
 Changing the options of a package
 Defining a package pre- and post-installation scripts
 Chapter 9 - Defining the items installed by a package
 Changing the default destination of a package
 Managing the file hierarchy
 Changing the attributes of an item
 Defining rules for bundles
 Defining pre- and post-installation scripts for bundles
 Chapter 10 - Building a project
 Building a project from the application
 Building a package with Quick Build
 Building a project in debug mode
 Building a project from the command line
 Cleaning a build
 Changing build preferences

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